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Deus Ex series: Gunther Hermann
Deus Ex series: Gunther Hermann

Категория: Фото cyber | Добавил: kamii (26.04.2015)
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Комментарий 1 | 26.04.2015

UPDATE 24 December 2011: Repackaged with default hair as per current policy so that there isn't a risk of him crashing your game because of custom hair. Also, at some point around 'Late Night' time, there was some sort of change to the lighting in-game and it made the original outfit for this sim look really awful, very light and shiny, so I've remade the outfit with a new texture. If you already have this sim, please re-download the zip file, install just the new outfit and change him into it in-game.

The classic First Person Shooter/RPG/Adventure game hybrid 'Deus Ex' (2000) is what I and many others consider the very best PC game ever made. This very dark (in every sense of the word) game based in a near-future cyberpunk world filled with conspiracies where nothing is as it seems, has to be played to be appreciated for its intelligent writing, memorable characters, immersive world and freewill gameplay. And once played, you will definitely be replaying it, and most likely more than once.

Paul Denton is the older brother of the hero of the game, JC Denton. Paul spent his life being bred to be, basically, a killing machine for UNATCO, the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition. His body has been implanted throughout with bioaugmentations that give extra strength to his arms, legs, hearing and vision. He is the world's first bioaugmented agent; his 'little brother' JC was actually cloned from him in order that JC could become an even stronger and more technically advanced model.

Traits: Brave, Charismatic, Good, Handy, Party Animal. (I gave him that latter trait because Paul's character is more 'human' and social [the official backstory for Deus Ex describes Paul as 'flamboyant', although that is not mentioned in the game itself] than JC, who had much of that bred out of him. It also makes Paul the sim more endearingly sociable!) He is found in the Adult (not Young Adult) sim bin.

He uses my Men's Messy Combed-Back Hair - if you don't already have it, please download it (http://www.modthesims.info/d/373483 ), install it and then change him into it in CAS, from the default hair I've packaged him with.
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